Rome was not built in a day. It probably took at least a week, and in Silicon Valley that’s three weeks past due. Fortunately, booking an Airbnb near the Trevi Fountain only takes a couple of minutes. But at what cost? All URLs invariably converge on the new Palatine Hill: San Francisco. The housing prices are high, the competition is higher, and it is your task to ensure that Airbnb stands triumphantly over both. The road to success is long and arduous, and the roads in San Francisco are notoriously steep. You have your work cut out for you. You are industry disrupters, venture capitalists, a hobo king, a successful television actor (or two), and an intern, and you all collectively are the Romulus and Remus to Airbnb’s Empire. And, like Romulus and Remus, not all of your careers will make it out of this alive. If you play your cards right, however, you will be the code-king of an empire that stretches from Beijing to Boston. And isn’t that why you dropped out of college in the first place?