The Mau Mau Uprising:

The Beginning of the End of British Kenya

The Mau Mau Uprising constitutes a historic conflict between predominantly Kikuyu rebel groups that challenged the authority of British rule in Kenya. Beginning in 1952, it is today considered one of the bloodiest and most aggressive conflicts in modern history. Sparked by inequality, unemployment, and African nationalism, the efforts of Dedan Kimathi and his rebels served as a model for independence movements across the continent. However, in the face of battle, will the rebels cope with increasing food insecurity among their men, how will the British forces fare in the unfamiliar and mountainous territory that is Kenya, and will the rebels' innovative fighting techniques prove successful to set forth: "The Beginning of the End of British Kenya."

Delegates, this bespoke committee will offer you the ability to play a crucial part in the creation of our modern-day Africa. Indeed, with the help of the crisis committee your respective portfolio powers you will immerse yourself in the world of the Kikuyu and their struggle to liberate their homeland. This committee is expected to be fast paced and action packed- we have many crisis updates in store! Will the British lose their grip on their Kenyan colony or will they outsmart the rebels and remain in power? Bahati nzuri!

Rahim Daya
Nuh Bahemia
Crisis Director