The Porfiriato:

Mexico's Anti-Revolution

It is 1910, Porfirio Diaz and his regime have been in power for 34 years and with that regime, his loyal and powerful cientificos. These men are the future of a glorious Mexico and ensure progress and prosperity for a nation that has too long been under the heel of another country. However, not everyone agrees and revolution is in the air. Northerners, distressed over labor discrepancies, are beginning to mass around Francisco Villa. Southern indigenous peasants have begun to turn to Emiliano Zapata to save them from the brutal life of the haciendas. It is up to the cientificos to ensure that Mexico survives and continues to progress, no matter the cost. Alliances must be struck with anyone, including the United States, and even Mexico’s former conquerors. Betrayal, greed, power! Any and all must be utilized if the cientificos are to remain supreme!

Noah Gerber
Aric Chang
Crisis Director