NBA Owners Meeting 1989:

Building a Global Game

Amidst the booming success of the Golden State Warriors, UCBMUN XXI will come together to hold the 1989 NBA Owners Meeting. As the NBA is slowly growing into its role as the third most popular sport in the country, the NBA owners and stakeholders want more. With an expiring TV deal and numerous new teams, the NBA is poised for an explosion of popularity, but the owners must work to create a product that is appealing to people in the United States and abroad. The committee will be revolving around 3 major topics: expansion of the game, player conduct, and racial tensions. The goal of this committee is not to deal with gameplay rules, but rather to focus on the underlying business that drives the NBA forward.

This committee will consist of all 27 owners, television executives, and a variety of other NBA representatives who will work together to come up with a sustainable plan to expand the NBA for the upcoming decade and beyond. This committee will have all the elements of traditional specialized body along with some faster paced updates to accelerate the pace of committee. It is the goal of this committee to stay true to the age old adage, "Ball is life."

Vaibhav Srikaran