The Egyptian Revolution:

The Egyptian Rebels

It’s 2011 and across Egypt, mass uprisings and demonstrations call for the immediate resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. The thousands of people who protested, both peacefully and violently, craved a stronger, economically sound, and just nation. This committee will feature crucial characters from the rebel groups, called together to address how to proceed after hearing news about similar occurrences in Tunisia, given the corrupt Mubarak government’s doings. I will play the role of an advisor to the rebel groups and lead the committee.

Delegates in this exciting JCC will of course get the opportunity to interact with the opposing Mubarak Government committee throughout the conference. We hope to incorporate technology and social media into our committees to not only make things exciting but also replicate the online presence of the 2011 Revolution itself. Welcome to the Land of the Gods and roots of the Arab Spring!

Shakeer Ahmad
Shasun Salur
Crisis Director