The Teutonic Knights of 1226:

The Fate of Europe

The Knighthood of the Teutonic Order gathers at UCBMUN as delegates from around the nation come together in this 13th century European committee. Using your best diplomatic and combative skills, you, the Knights of the Teutonic Order, will fight to establish your own theocratic state in the lands of the pagan Old Prussians, deal with the treacherous enemies of different faiths and ethnicities pushing in from all sides, and spread the one true Faith to all in Europe.

Delegates in this committee can expect a unique MUN experience of royal and grand proportions. This one-of-a-kind crisis committee based on historical events will be one part combat, one part nation building, one part foreign diplomacy and one part internal politicking the knights of the Teutonic Order work to bring Christianity to the pagans across Northern Europe. This committee’s fast-paced nature and unique 13th century historical aspect will ensure that delegates have a memorable experience.

Ananya Sreekanth
Jarry Xiao
Crisis Director