Gunpowder Plot of 1605


Religious unrest. Disputes with the royal line of succession. Widespread disillusionment with the establishment. It’s 1605, and the seeds of revolt are growing in England. After years of bearing religious persecution at the hands of the state, a group of provincial Catholics decide to take matters into their own hands. At UCBMUN XXII, we’re taking a trip back to one of the most notorious assassination attempts in history. As delegates, you will have to restructure the methods through which you communicate and strategize in accordance with the technological allowances of the early 17th century. You will be faced with both domestic and foreign pressures as well as countless internal conflicts. Will you take drastic measures to create a new England on your terms? Will you work with or against your fellow conspirators to achieve the future you envision? Whether the plot succeeds or not is up to you.