Ethno-nationalism in Northern Ireland


The date is August 12th, 1969. In Northern Ireland, the first major sparks of The Troubles are emerging during the parades commemorating the Siege of Derry. Riots grab hold as the Battle of the Bogside reinvigorates conflict between nationalists and unionists. It is the same conflict that has shadowed the Emerald Isle for generations. This is not only a matter of Irish independence versus English governance, but an issue pitting Catholics against protestants, Irish republicans against Ulster loyalists, and ethnic Irish against British. Perpetuating a dangerous us-them dichotomy that continually threatens societal structures, violence and oppression attack both sides of the divide. Now, the struggle culminates in the north. Armed paramilitary groups fight over their constitutional status. Discrimination threatens to tear the province at its seams. Will Northern Ireland finally find some semblance of peace? As the members of the 12th parliament of Northern Ireland, it is your turn to try your hands at fate. May the luck of the Irish be on your side.