O.J Simpson

Legal Specialized Body

Position Papers are due 11:59pm Thursday, March 1st to oj@ucbmun.org

Amidst a climate of brewing racial hostility, two brutal murder charges, and intense media coverage this year's legal committee will take on the criminal trial of O.J simpson. African-American Football sensation and media personality, O.J Simpson is being charged for the brutal murder of his wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman! The two homicides unveil the need to test and further clarify the scope of legal doctrines embedded in our criminal justice system while confronting gender-based violence, racial tension, and the public controversies surrounding the murder suspect. How does the presumption of innocence fare in times when substantial evidence exists to prove a suspect's guilt? What role (if any) should jury nullification play in times when the law or criminal justice system itself is perceived to be unjust? In reaching a verdict on the two murders at hand, delegates will have to confront and shape how race relations, celebrity status, financial clout, domestic violence, and brutality should be handled in relation to criminal justice. This committee will strive to recreate what has been called “the trial of the century” while capturing the contentious environment and significant issues that unfolded with it.