General Assembly (Double Del)

Position Papers are due 11:59pm Thursday, March 1st to

Welcome to the Third Committee of the General Assembly — The Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM). Though we are deep into the 21st century, the developing world is still facing critical issues. Civil wars in Yemen, Syria, and Libya have created a humanitarian catastrophe in the region. Neighboring countries like Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey have become overwhelmed by the substantial number of refugees in need of medical assistance. At the same time, countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia are in dire need of substantial medical infrastructure to provide for the millions of people without access to healthcare. Meanwhile, countries in Asia are still plagued by the consequences of natural disasters. Following Nepal’s and Tibet’s devastating earthquakes in 2015, the countries are still underway in efforts to clear rubble and rebuild villages; and years after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011, Japan is still struggling to recover. To be able to consistently aid countries in rebuilding their societies, the UN needs updated and sustainable efforts that can be easily modified and reused for years to come.The solutions reached in SOCHUM will have implications that reach far and wide. As such, is it imperative that delegates take seriously the difficult tasks at hand. If successful, the committee will contribute an enormous amount to global development in key risk areas around the world. As the conference’s General Assembly and largest committee, SOCHUM will feature stimulating debate, a free flow of a multitude of ideas and perspectives, and extensive cooperation.