Trade and Development

General Assembly

Position Papers are due 11:59pm Thursday, March 1st to

It is imperative that we come together to understand how developing countries are able to innovate in a digital economy. Each country has unique factors, institutions, and natural resources, but instead of looking at this as an impediment to multi-lateral development solutions, it can be channeled into a special resourcefulness, or “Jugaad Innovation” in the Indian context. This philosophy shapes an innovation environment that creates incentives to find resource-scare solutions that rival those from the dominant model in the already developed countries. There will be an opportunity for delegates to come forth, given their knowledge about the constraints upon their country and propose sustainable digital solutions in order to spur economic growth on a regional and possibly even larger scale, as well as the chance to debate the pitfalls and successes of digital economy solutions, discuss the politics and history behind technical solutions to solving poverty, and find the ways that information must be utilized for the public good, rather than political benefit for few.