Trade and Development


It is imperative that we come together to understand how stakeholders in the economy are caught up in the digital economy. Each country has unique factors, institutions, technology, population and natural resources. But instead of looking at this as an impediment to development policy, we can see it as a way for countries to get innovative and propose solutions that work for their country and could work for others. This conference is an opportunity for delegates to come forth given their knowledge about the constraints on their country, and come up with digitalized solutions with other delegates, in order to help economic growth on a regional and possible even multi-lateral scale. Similar to the think-tank environment, there will be a chance for delegates to convince their fellow delegates and a panel of judges about the efficacy of their proposed solutions, how they are situated in their local context, in an environment of healthy competition. Delegates will have an opportunity to receive funding from the World Bank to fund a 2 year trial of their proposed solution.