Death to Fascism! Yugoslav Partisans, 1942


“Death to Fascism! Yugoslav Partisans, 1942” follows the courageous Partisans of Yugoslavia, the resilient underdogs who united a deeply divided country under an anti-Fascist banner. This largely forgotten, yet wildly exciting story is considered the most successful resistance movement to the Axis powers in all of WWII. The year is 1942, and the Anti-Fascist Council For The National Liberation of Yugoslavia has just convened for the first time. Since the Axis invasion in the year prior, the Partisans have been entrenched in bloody guerilla warfare, forced to flee into the Yugoslav wilderness to build their forces. They have been making impressive progress in liberating villages across Yugoslavia, drawing more support and numbers to their movement with each victory. Now, you and your compatriots are tasked with solidifying the resistance against the Axis occupation. Stockpile weaponry, recruit militias, and correspond with foreign intelligence. The Germans are only the first step; you also must engage in combat with other resistance movements and navigate breaks in your own ranks amidst the intense political and cultural tensions of the Yugoslav peoples. Will you, like your comrades before, be successful in breaking the yoke of Fascist oppression? Will you return your home country to its old ways, or will you realize the vision of a cohesive, socialist Yugoslavia?